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A note on the Zdoom version... I did run into some difficulties with linedefs not translating properly when I originally combined everything into a single wad so the download has everything separated and a batchfile to run the whole thing. That seemed to be the only way at the time to make everything work the way it was originally designed. Since that time there have been several updates to the Zdoom engine so i'm going to give it another shot as designed with the newest version of the port and see if those problems have been solved. I'll keep you updated.

Choose your poison from the menu on the left. Zdoom version or the Doom2/Doom95 version. The Doom95 version and the zdoom versions have different final levels so you might want both! :) Keep in mind - as with all add-on wads - you require the FULL version of Doom2 or Doom95 to play this TC. Oh yea - I forgot to rename the wad so the Doom95 wad is called Helltest.wad - sorry about that. So when you go to load it into Doom95 that's the wad you're going to load.

Updated: 06/13/03

To play: I have included zdoom 1.22 in the zip file if you need it for the Zdoom version of the tc. If so, simply unzip the zdoom files and then the others into your doom2 directory. After you go to your doom2 directory in dos - simply type the word playhr and the game will start. The Doom2/Doom95 version is a single wad and loads like any other external wad. Enjoy!


New music for the game by Metallica:

Deathmatch and coop play:

New textures:

New sprites:

New weapons:

New Demo:

Thirty replacement levels!


Myself(Bob Larkin) - wad designer,

Wes Burd - wads and textures,

Jeremy Stepp - graphics and music,

Kent Carson - Couldn't have put this together without his technical know-how. :) You're welcome, and thanks Kent!

Please welcome David J. Finnamore who joined the team and contributed level 29 - one very cool level which is called Blood Falls!

As of 12/27/02 This tc has been downloaded over 10,000 times now! Find out why!