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Halflife Total Conversion for Doom2








Jeremy Stepp

SP  Doom2

Requires: Zdoom


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About the file:

I found this while checking out a page that someone had submitted for Doom Website of the month. The first few pictures are from the original Doom2, the rest are from my Elevator wad for Doom2. You can edit the play.bat file after installation with normal command line parameters, i.e. - -file wadname.wad, to place any doom2 wad into the game. This tc features all new monsters, weapons, etc... but not new sounds. X that out - the author - Jeremy Stepp emailed me and told me he had an update with sounds. So here it is! check it out. It doesn't come with it's own levels (yet) so you might want to add your own if you don't want to play it in regular Doom2.






























































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