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Duke Nukem Level conversion for Doom2







J S Graham


Sadly, the website is long gone.


SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: Any Port

Reviewer: Sematary



This download is a Doom Wad Station Exclusive (except on the authors site). The author has given exclusive right to Doom Wad Station to offer this total conversion for Download. No other site has permission to add this download to it's site at this time. Please do not attempt to link directly to the file. You will be redirected to my main page.


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About the Duke Nukem Level Conversion for Doom2 (by the author)

    A Doom2 interpretation of the Duke Nukem 3D map01 "Hollywood Holocaust" (as close as I can make it until I learn how to edit ZDoom.)

     Added textures and sprites were converted from Duke Nukem 3D, by 3D Realms. A few were modified or created from these and Doom2 resources. I don't know who made the midi, but thanks.


My thoughts:

    I'm actually very amazed at the attention to detail here - and the DIFFICULTY. Be prepared to FIGHT, and I do mean fight. There are enough badasses in this thing to fill a mini megawad! But, if you've played Duke Nukem, you'll recognize the level right away. KICK ASS marine!

The level is all Duke - everything else is all Doom2.










































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