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Dr. Who total conversion for Doom2

Also Daleks for Doom2






Dr. Von Loon


Requires: Any Boom Port


The original Dr. Who from 1996


Dalek Wars (2006)


Dr. Who Doom2 (2006)


More info on Daleks and Dr. Who














About the original file:

The original file was created in 1996. I recommend creating a new Doom2 directory on your hard drive and copying all your files over then running the install on that rather than on your original.


About Dalek Wars:

Daleks are the Arch-nemesis of Dr. Who

Daleks are armored and armed shells for mutated for mutated humans.

Taken from the Dr. who series and given a world of their own.

First a number of acknowledgements.......

The authors of "WhoWall" for the textures
from the classic Dr. Who episodes.

The BBC for creating the series in the first place.

The authors of "Energia" for the excellent Dalek models.

The author(s) of "WhoDoom30" whom this restored version is based upon.

Eye de Cul for "Garrulio" the fantasic
Doom 2 map that fits the theme of both "WhoDoom30-A" and "DalekWar" perfectly.

And to Bob Larkin's "Doom Wad Station" THE source for your gaming needs!! Bar none!!!

I took the liberty of restoring both wads that were in a rather corrputed state on my hard drive. I felt that it would be a tragedy to not attempt to salvage these fine Dr. Who based

I hope you will enjoy tthem.



About Dr. Who Doom:

The Dr. Who download has all the characters from thirty years of Dr. who.

It is the most up-to-date download for Doctor Who Doom that you can find and it is only available on Doom Wad Station.



































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