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Duum2 Super







David Bergqvist

SP Doom2



Download the original (with alt-maps, etc..)  


AN UPDATE! - April 14, 2005 The author of this TC has updated the original file which can be downloaded here. I encourage you to visit the authors site to find out what the updates are, etc..



The newest version 1.08  


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Sadly, gone.
















What it is:

You are the "special agent" sent by the goverment to Dr. Idiot Fan's lab to find out about his evil plans. But before you get to his lab, Idiotfan's men finds out everything about you and your mission...

Maps: 32 new levels to explore
Monsters: New
Music: New
textures: Some new
Multiplay: Yes
release date: 2002/01/17

My thoughts:
I played through the first 4 levels this morning and had lots of fun. All the creatures and some of the ways in which they behave have been changed. New weapons - shotgun replaced by a super pistol, two pistols that rapid fire like the chaingun, rocket launcher changed, etc... It appeared that there were quite a few new textures in this that were pretty cool. I also saw some some original doom2 textures as well. Same with flats. The new sounds were good as was the music. Gameplay was pretty basic and architecture was very original doom like with very little in the way of spectacular architecture. It was very old school in design. The levels were fairly straight forward and in some instances reminded me very much of the original Doom2 maps - I think possibly that the author may have borrowed from the original maps a little because I had the distinct feeling of deja vu in some places. I don't know that he did and it doesn't really matter because it was only in some places. I hope in the followup to this he adds more of his own textures. I had fun playing this and I'm sure you will too but I wouldn't expect a terribly difficult fight. I never really found myself in dire straits but there were some nice surprises in store and quite a few hidden areas to explore. One final note - the download comes with the full 32 level total conversion as well as a bunch of alternate maps to play after you get through these and it also contains the demo of the sequel. I do recommend going to the authors site and checking for updates to that as well as more screenies and other stuff.... Enjoy!






































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