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Blood conversion for Doom2






J S Graham



Sadly, the original website is not longer available. updated 9/9/14


SP Doom2 (maps 1-16 and 31)

requires: Any Port

Reviewer: Sematary



This download is a Doom Wad Station Exclusive (except on the authors site). The author has given exclusive right to Doom Wad Station to offer this total conversion for Download. No other site has permission to add this download to it's site at this time. Please do not attempt to link directly to the file. You will be redirected to my main page.


The LATEST Download - 17 maps (1 - 16 and 31) - for zdoom


Download the file


Updated version to NON-Zdoom version

It has 5 more levels, 3 new
enemies and lots of other surprises.  It is also fully DM/Multiplayer
compatible and includes new skins. 









About the Blood Total Conversion for Doom2 (by the author)

    Based on the original "Blood" game by Monolith Productions. This was the start of what I had hoped would be a mini total conversion, but I don't have the time or skill to finish it.

    Additional Credits to : Id Software, Monolith Productions for graphic and sound resources.
NONE of this is from Daniel (Tormentor667) Gimmer's "Blood Resource pack". I ripped and converted everything myself from the original .art files. It is free for anyone to use. It was a little bit of work converting the enemies, so if you want to give me credit for that, you can. I would never demand credit for simply converting artwork that I didn't create to a different palette.

Music is also from one of the Blood games, but I forget which version.

Chaoscorps for Thompson sprites.

DeusExMachina for Wizard sprites.

Ajapted and Graf_Zahl for help with WhackEd2.

Dynamite dehacked modified from work by Don Tello.
(I strongly suggest NOT messing with the dynamite before experimenting with it!)


About the NEW download!


started this project to bring the Monolith Productions game, "Blood" back from the dead.  It was a game almost as old as Doom when I found it, and never played very well on my Windows98 machine. 

Bob's "DoomwadStation" site introduced me to Total Conversions and also to Source-ports.  Seeing TC's for Duke Nukem and Quake made me wonder if a Blood TC wasn't also possible?  I checked with people I knew from my limited mapping abilities and most said it would be impossible.  "Ken Silverman's Build engine is much more sophisticated
than the Doom engine was ever meant to be!" 

I had learned how to make maps, but from Bob's site (and using XWE on the collection of TC's there,) I learned how to convert textures, sprites, sounds, etc.  Posting questions on NewDoom, DoomWorld, and Postmortem (Blood) forums led me to believe it might be possible after all.

I made a copy of the first map from "Blood" and a second map using enemies, sounds, and sprites converted from that old game.  I posted what I did at NewDoom forums and it seemed it would generate interest that would help me make more of it.  No one who responded about how it was a "great idea!" ever helped out any.  I thought it was a dead project.

Along comes this unknown guy, "Doorhenge" who wants to help.  He likes my idea and wants to work on it.  Of course, I can't say no. 
He reworked the Blood wad and the Duke Nukem wad I made, then sent them back to me.  The kid certainly knows what he's doing, so I turn the project over to him. 

No, I wasn't really keen about taking it to ZDoom, but he was right.  The Doom engine cannot do what the Build engine can, but it CAN come awful dang close with ZDoom. 

So "Doorhenge" and I worked fairly close together making new maps, enemies, and weapons for nearly a year.  The result is the closest thing to actually playing "Blood" that I think anyone will ever find.


My thoughts:

    While only two maps, this is a kick-ass conversion. The atmosphere is suppressive and heavy. The gameplay is fast and furious and difficult and the design itself is absolutely outstanding. I don't think you could really ask for anything more. The tc includes new weapons, new creatures (from the game Blood). There are new textures and two complete maps to enjoy. I heartily recommend this download!











































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