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They have a plan !! At least thats what they call it!!
They've brought their critters with them. Time to tell them "No pets allowed!!"
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Maps and Misc goodies
Garrullo!! Fanstastic Coop Megawad!!
Created by the creative minds of Eye de Cul!!
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A SpiderMech about to get a facefull of Chaingun. Q2 weapons patch for Sillywars (or any other monster hunting needs)
Check out the MechaRobo Furby vs. BarnyZilla at....
Special Thanks to:

Ikka Kernnan: for the Orginal idea POVDOOM!

Halloween for Wolf3D

Id games for Doom/Doom2
Doom 3 etc......
The Creative talents at SLIGE
And most of all, Bob Larkin's

Doom Wad Station
Beware of the
Wikky Wikky!!!
New version!! New toys to play with!!
New weapons and noises and stuff!!
Admiral General Field Marshall      TurdBurger says.."All your base are belong to us!!!"
DR. VonLoon! Knows the Knower of the SECRETS that are kept SECRET SECRETLY that no one knows because they are so SECRET!!
See The Gameplay clips!!