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Army of Darkness Total Conversion for Doom & Doom2







SP - Doom, Ultimate Doom and Doom2

Requires: No Specific Port


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About the file:

The graphics in this tc were superb - you will probably recognize some of them as coming from Hexen. You will recognize other elements from Duke Nukem - such as the sound "Groovy". This tc was put together very professionally and is considered by many to be one of the finest ever created. I will leave that to you, the player to decide-

The zip file here is over 6 megs and contains 8 or so more zip files within it. The files with the number one on the end are for doom/ultimate doom and the ones with the two on the end are for doom2. All require version 1.9 of whichever game you are playing. There are a couple of files which don't have a 1 or a 2 on the end - these files must be unzipped into whichever directory they need to be but work with all doom/doom2 games. Also - because these files make use of deusf, make sure to read the last couple of paragraphs at the end of the install to find out how to return your doom.exe and doom.wad to their original pristine condition. I personally keep backups of both files in separate directories so that if I do anything that can't be undone - I simply copy over them with my backups. I recommend this for anyone playing tc's especially but also any add-on that requires deusf or dehacked, etc...










































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