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 Action Doom for Doom2









"Scuba" Steven Browning


SP Doom2 (map 1-4)

requires: ZDoom

Reviewer:Blue Paladin



For those Doomers who remember the frustrating "quarter munchin'" arcade shooters of the 80's, this will be like memory lane!

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 No, these ain't fireflies...

Just because it's a big fu''n snail, doesn't mean it's slow.  This one will chuck a real mean loogie at ya! 

My question is, does hotsauce come with that Elephant or is it seasoned with special spices and topped with "secret sauce"? 






The game has a campy beginning, complete with "Saturday Morning" cartoon cutscenes!

About Action Doom for Doom2  (by author)

Action Doom is meant to try and bring back the run and gun feeling from the old 2D shooters like Contra and Metal Slug. In the tradition of such games there are no bullet weapons, only projectiles.  And just like Contra every enemy and subsequently you, all have but one hit point, aside from bosses and mini bosses. To make the game feel more 2D and less frustrating, you will never be attacked from behind, and the level is entirely linnear.


My Review:

    Man, this game smokes form start to finish!  This is a retro wad set to play like the old Contra and Heavy Barrel games that were the rage back in the eighties.  Being an oldhead (late 30 something), I can really appreciate the work and the attention paid to this in order to make it into a wad that I can play on a Saturday, sitting Indian-Style on the floor while inhaling Frosted Flakes.  I felt like a teenager all over again with this one; it sure brought back some fond memories.
    Enough with the nostalgia, let's get to the meat of the subject.  The textures and overall design are first-rate, the sprite replacements and scripted action sequences gel very well, and the action is heavy.  Being that you only have one health point (yeah, that's right), moving quickly and shooting accurately is key; just as it was back when Contra dominated the arcades.  The weapons replacements are awesome, though, when I found the BFG, I could not use it; everytime I did, I blew myself up, even when standing in the open.  I don't know if that was a bug or if I missed some crucial piece of info as to how to use it. Besides, the Spread Gun was my fav and I pretty much stayed with that all of the way thru to the end.  But, the bosses at the end-levels will laugh at me if I use that on them so I switych to bigger guns at that point. I don't want to spoil the fun by telling about eveything in this game but there are shooting ranges, jungles filled with baddies wearing nightvision gear, a hell region, even a section with an Alien theme to it.  
    This wad was difficult but not to where it cannot be played all of the way thru.  It will take a few save slots and a few foibles to find out where to go, not to mention the number of times you'll die.  Get frustrated, get sweaty, get indignant, get Action Doom!!!!!

Overall Composite Score: 10.  There's nothing else to say.  If you don't get this one, you've missed out on one of the most incredible Dooming experiences out there!


 "Please, can I ride back with you??  No, really!  I got this skin problem that needs looking at..."

I will call him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and love him and feed him and burp him and....




This game's so nostalgic that a secret revealed lets you actually play some dinky-do video game!  Sweet.

 AH....if ever there was a proper homage paid to the grandmasters of action games....

The levels are short, but the details in them are phenominal! 

Remember that person that got the award for "best asshole"?  You may be able to find them rotting in hell in this river of offal and corpses. 

































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