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LWS - for Doom2







Pablo Diccter


SP doom2

requires: No specific port



Check out the Original Doom file - Red Evil, that he submitted along with this wad.  



Download LWS
















The difficulty in this level ranges from ridiculus to "hey, where did everybody go?" This is a HUGE level with lots of baddies including a few that you won't want to see. Unfortunately it takes alot of time to figure out how to get to certain parts of the level so by the time you do figure it out you've killed everybody so there is some down time there. However, I did find myself having to save very often till all the baddies in certain parts of the level WERE dead so like I said, touch call -
rating: 7



I had alot of fun playing this wad for map01, Doom2 but also found myself getting frustrated due to a lack of health - thus the need to save more often. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - depends on how you like to play. I prefer to have enough health lying around that I'm not always running on "almost dead" but some people prefer that challenge.




Definitely one of the best designed levels I've had submitted to me in quite some time. The author (Pablo Dictter) has submitted many a level to me over the last six months and without a doubt this is his best. You will be stunned by the intricacy of the design as well as some of the home made graphics he put in for the personal touch.

Design: 10



Frustrating, awesome design, and good playability add up to a must download! Overall: 7



































































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