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Last Resort!

Deathmatch doom 2 map - use with legacy port







SP doom2 (maps 1)

requires: Legacy

Reviewer: Sematary


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This is one of those levels where finding your prey isn't a difficult thing. Even with only two players in the game the action was pretty constant but for a few spare moments of breathing room. As far a deathmatch level goes you can't really ask for much more than that. With 3+ players in the game, there was no breather and the action was constant. A definite plus!

The level design is very basic in this wad with a minimum of intense architecture. Overall the look is very doomish. The level design works quite well for a deathmatch level although I prefer a more hunter/hunted type of scenario than this level offers. It is too small and open for that type of deathmatching but if you like a fast action game of all out shooting with 3 or 4 players you will like this and whoever said that super architecture ala Gothicdm is necessary for a good DM?


We enjoyed playing this level and I can definitely recommend it to you!

There are several good weapons available to you in this level including the Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and Plasma rifle. There are also some long hallways and other slightly open areas which make using the rocket launcher a plausible choice in certain situations. My personal DeathMatch experience has led me to the conclusion that I prefer DM levels with out anything more intense than the Super Shotgun and the chaingun. The chaingun of course is not a very good weapon because it takes a while to kill someone with bullets. Anyway, there are a wide range of options for weapons and plenty of places to use them without nuking yourself.
















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