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Lagoon, for Doom2







SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Jstaats

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About Lagoon

Lagoon.wad is a decent wad, Good monster placement, decent architecture, nice health placement, weapon ammo was scarce. At one point I was at my fist hitting demons to keep it going.


Difficulty: †5.5.  

To me it was probably a 7 because Iím rusty and I kept dying, but an average player should have some fun. Action packed from beginning to end, it will be hard to stay alive on this one if you have poor skills or suck or are just picking up doom from a long absence.

Playablility: 7

It has replay value because you probably wonít find all the secrets. And itís a pretty good warm up if you were going to play something harder. The level isnít too difficult except some areas where zombies can snipe you, and tight places where you can  take it to their Ass!

Design: † 6

Some different things of design, nice texture use. A few doors have textures not usually used. It was a nice mixture of inside and outside in this map. I liked the big columns holding up the large tablet near the beginning of the level.


Note: Even though it says for map E1M1 itís for Doom2 so disregard what it says. Happy dooming.






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