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KS9 for doom II







Cory Banket

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 10

Possibly his BEST map ever. Stop reading this and download the map now!








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DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 10       

     The first time I attempted to get through this level I found myself out of ammo and out of options about halfway through. I was simply blasting away without concerning myself about conservation of ammunition which was a HUGE mistake. Needless to say, I started over and was much more conservative in my use of ammunition. Even though I had the double barreled shotgun after a little while, I used it sparingly. A chainsaw would have come in handy a few times but the DB took care of the problem quite nicely. This is a HARD level (I played on UV). Save often and plan on getting surprised alot and getting your ass kicked on a fairly regular basis. It's always fun when you find yourself face to face with a Baron or a Hellknight in close quarters. I am SO HAPPY that I taught myself the finer art of strafing. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times that one maneuver has allowed me to stand my ground while going toe to toe with a shitload of imps or a Hellknight or even a revenant or a dozen. If you take your time, plan your moves and conserve your ammo as best you can, you should be ok. Like I said, just save often.


Playability -  rating: 10      

     This map had such a nice flow it wasn't even funny. Everything went together perfectly and while it is a somewhat linear map it gives you enough options to make it interesting. Cory makes good use of the rising stair feature and lifts and switches, etc... etc... and of course, PLENTY of badasses to make a really fun map to play. I have absolutely ZERO complaints about the way this one plays out. I was NEVER bored, I can tell you that. Cory keeps telling me how much he enjoys my maps but I think he is without a doubt one of the best mappers in the Doom community today. Play his maps and find out why!


Level Design -  rating: 10    

     What can I tell you? Excellent design with lots of nifty little traps plus a real eye for detail makes Cory one of the best mappers out there. This map follows in that tradition as he uses lighting very well for effect, creates some really cool architecture. One of my favorite things in this map is the broken walls with the bricks lying scattered around. That must have taken FOREVER to create.
















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