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awesome single player doom 2 wad







Cory Banket

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 8.3

Fun and well designed with some minor flaws but overall very good.









     This one was a little tougher than KS4 but I still left tons of health behind, including a megasphere. I also had more than enough ammo to handle everything that came at me including.... Well, I'll leave that as a surprise. My skills have improved immensely since I started teaching myself to strafe. That one action alone saves me from so many deaths during a game it's not even funny. I guess difficulty, again, is based upon your skill level. If you are an Uber player then you will probably not be challenged at all. If you are a very good player (such as myself) then you will probably find yourself wondering when it will REALLY get hard. Average players should be challenged and below average players will probably get their n00b asses kicked. I played on UV again, as always. I think, in order to toughen up the levels on UV, the author should consider placing less ammo in his levels so the player is challenged by needing to conserve on ammo. At the end of the level I had only picked up 50% of the items (mostly health that got left behind). There were still a few monsters left alive (not many) and I had ammo and weapons that I never even used such as the rocket launcher which is a fairly useless piece of equipment unless you have lots of room anyway. I stayed fairly low on shells throughout but I kept the double shotgun smoking throughout as well. The chaingun came in handy at times but I had plenty of ammo left for that also and I'm certain I didn't find all the ammo in the level as I only had 80% of secrets found. I'm not saying I never got surprised or killed. I did, but not many times and usually through my own ineptitude more than anything else.


Playability -  rating: 8    

     I loved the way this map went together. It was small for this author but very well put together. It didn't exactly go from point A to point B nor was it overly complicated. Monster placement seemed pretty good but I think a trick or two didn't go off knocking it down a notch. One of these was a room filled with Revenants where a wall came down, then went back up, effectively blocking them from the player. It never came back down. There were some nice surprises in monster placement as well which caused me to formulate a plan other than run and shoot. There was one other thing, which will show up in level design having to do with the yellow key which also knocked this back a hair.


Level Design -  rating: 9

     The level begins in a very old school doomish way with little detail to the walls, etc... but once you get past the central area it livens up nicely with some very cool looking architecture and some nicely designed features using lifts, etc... My only real qualm with the map was the fact that I was able to circumvent the yellow door by jumping through a window. In essence I was able change the way the map was supposed to play out by going in a direction other than the one the author thought I would. This may have made the map easier than it otherwise may have been as well. Despite that, the level looks great and really sort of left me hungry for more.



































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