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sp doom 2 wad







Cory Banket

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 7.7

While I don't feel this is the best of the wads that I have recieved from Cory, it is certainly much better than many that I recieve. I think if your skill level is lower than mine you may find it much more difficult and therefore you may give it a higher score than I have. See what you think. I enjoyed it.









     To be honest, I was a little disappointed in this one aspect of the map as I've played his wads before and they tend to be much tougher. I played this on Ultra Violence and despite the dire warnings in the text file to the contrary, there is PLENTY of ammo and health in this map. I never really found myself in any real danger of being so low on health that I had to worry and there was so much ammo and so many weapons to choose from over the course of the map that I was never truly challenged. Not that it wasn't fun, it was. There were a plethora of badasses to smoke and a few surprises but I was able to anticipate almost everything that came my way. Of course, I consider myself to be relatively highly skilled at single player and your experience may be different. I did find myself with too much time on my hands as I cleared each area and I thought the monsters could have been placed in such a way as to make me work harder for my booty but as I said, my opinion.


Playability -  rating: 8      

     The map goes together really well with some minor puzzles to solve and what I would say is not a quite linear design but not a difficult, brow beating, where the hell is it design either. There are some secret switches which you need to find in order to advance in the map and a ton of secret rooms but you should have time to find pretty much everything - just look for them. The lack of difficulty, imo, is the only flaw to the playability


Level Design -  rating: 8

     I can't fault much with the level design. It is awesome. The detail is wonderful with lots of cool looking areas and some very realistic looking architecture. Lighting was average with nothing specific that really stands out in that area. I loved the hidden switches that were really right in front of me but so well disguised that I had to think... Imiagine that. lol .... The only fault I do find with the level design is more to do with the monsters than with the level itself. The creatures were always, or almost always, at a distance or placed in such a way that I was able to fire and duck quite easily and therefore able to defeat them quite easily. I think some of the use of transporters could have been better served to place the player in a true jam that he might have to fight through 2 or 3 times before being able to defeat it.



































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