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Jungle Deathmatch for Doom2






Author(s): Shitbag

SP doom2 (maps 1)

requires: Legacy

Reviewer: Sematary






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This level was a ton of fun with lots of varying geography and different types of environments. Its not too big or too small and offered a very enjoyable experience.

This author used to go by a different handle but has always designed excellent levels and uses a few different textures to impress the players. This level is no different. The burnt wall texture is very cool and fits well into the design. You have hallways, caves, etc... - as I said, a variety of environments and geography to work with. While the architecture is not as intense as Gothicdm levels but is not as basic as say the original doom2 levels. I really enjoyed the design and the difficulties/options that it offered me. It allowed the players to hunt some but was small enough to keep the action going and open enough to make use of some of the more powerful weapons. It doesn't get a whole lot better.


A must download for those of you who enjoy a GOOD deathmatch level


I'm not a big fan of having the plasma gun in a Deathmatch level but it is effective and very useful in this level where there are quite a few tight spots. It is far more effective in those spots than the rocket launcher which is also available and has its uses in some of the longer hallways. My favorite part of course is that the BFG is NOT in this level. I think that weapon sucks in DM and has no place in it. The weapons overall are useful and well placed making you at least work a little before getting them except one of the deathmatch starts opens up right on the rocket launcher giving that player an unfair advantage. Still... All good.
















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