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Jordoom pwad for Doom II







Author(s): Brad Butler

DM doom2 (maps 1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary


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First off, disappointingly, you need to be aware that this is a Deathmatch level. Not that the map is bad. It's not - in fact, it is incredibly detailed with lots of new textures, etc... The author really put alot of work into this one and it shows. It is supposed to be a faithful (more or less) recreation of the high school he attended. If it is, it is the most evil highschool I have ever seen in my life. :-) The map is large, intricately detailed and would be awesome for a four person slugfest. There are plenty of hallways and other places to set up traps for your enemies. I highly recommend it for a deathmatch level. I really hope the author will consider adding single player capability to the map.