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William Quijada

SP doom2

Port: No specific port


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Overall - SCORE: 7.9

Average level, above average action.  An UberDoomer will have some fun.  So, come get some!





It took a lot of patience, cuss words, sweat glands and time to get this one done.  Not too much of anything to really help you thru in the way of ammo.  There is ample heath to be found and RATIONED out.  Setting up crossfire, using walls for protection and the crushers to your advantage will guarantee a successful finish.  Else, you're cannon fodder--nothing more.  This map burns up save slots like my Hibatchi burns Kingsford Briquets!



Playability -  rating: 8.2

This is a one time deal. Once you play it thru, the thrill is gone.  BUT, it's just like a midnight quickie... it's not the amount of time spent but the quality.  It's a fast and intense map.  (some sopts aren't as fast) This is a good thrill from start to end anyway, so pinch up  your g-strings and get busy!



Level Design -  rating: 7.5

Nothing extrordinary here. In fact, it's plain mundane and reminenscent of Doom II's Suburbs.  Textures looked funky in some spots and needed unpegging to balance them out.  Yoiu'll spend some time in map 29 looking for switches.  One, in partiucular accesses the main entrance where all of the action is.  That was BORING.  But, the action was heavy and the suppiles were always running low so the drama stayed up.  what it lacks in detail it makes up for in action.  
























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