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Italian Doom Episode 1 by the Italian Team

(Ismaele, Toranaga, and Buzzbumber)






Author(s):As noted above

SP doom2 (maps 1 - 8)

No Specific Port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download Italian Doom


Overall - SCORE: 9.8

Get a beer, a good chair, turn down the lights and fire this baby up.  Oh, and don't forget the Eggplant Parmasan!!!






DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating:  8.9

This map was a pain in the btt at times because I got caught off guard quite a few times when entering a new room.  The hangars in map03 were the kicker.  But if you grab and go QUICKLY, you won't get pegged TOO much.  There's plenty of health and ammo to spare but it's all spread out between skirmishes so shoot wisely.  There is a lot of searching and backtracking so patience is also needed in addition to average skills.  The UberDoomers will chew this up, but not without losing a few teeth first!  This map had me shittin' mazzo balls a few times...COOL.


Playability -  rating: 9.5

This is a definate repeat perfomance.  There's so much stuff to paruse over after the action's died down and there so many tantalizingly curious structures and such that could hide a secret area.  I'm gonna pack up my 12 gauge and go back for more to look it all over.  Thgis is a handful but not too difficult to be frustrating.  The maps are big and will take some time to explore for the keys and switches.  Thgis is not for the impatient who want instant frag-n-exit gratification.  There are some scripted intros you have to sit thru as well. This is a wad that attempts to put you into the mood of the maps and I feel that it was done impeccably well.  


Level Design -  rating: 10

There is NOTHING Italian about this wad save for the authors.  Each of the mappers have created some impressive stuff on their own.  This co-op is no exception.  The scripting done wasn't excessive and melded in with the action nicely.  Everything is intricately detailed and looks very convincing.  The MIDI files were custom and suited the maps, setting the mood.  Tere are some obvious traps here but ther are unavoidable so it's best to run thru and grab the whatsit or flip the switch, and get the hell out.  I had a ball with this wad and for the beginning mapper or for guys who want to improve their craft, this is a shining example of craftmanship and would make a good tutorial level(s).   This is a jewel for any Doomer's map collection.










Fortunately, I found an invisibility powerup and had enough ammo to kill him!











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