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Harder than Hell!





Author: J. Staats

SP doom2

Port: Zdoom 2.0 or higher


Download Harder Than Hell!


Overall - SCORE: 5

I'm not generally a fan of those maps where the author simply sets loose a ton of monsters on you and gives you tons of weapons/ammo/powerups, etc... and you just keep fighting for no apparent reason but this one is different for some reason. It doesn't score real well but it was entertaining so I decided to post it. Also, I decided not to post any pics because I don't want to let you know what you're going to see before you see it. ;-)







Well, let's see.... Where do I start. Um, There are 8 billion enemies to fight with at least one but probably more than one archie bringing everybody back to life and um, What's a marine to do? Keep on grabbing ammo and invincibility and keep fighting and try to find out what the hell it is you're supposed to be doing! Not difficult but no end to the bad guys either



Playability -  rating: 4

Has a lot of entertainment value for a short time. The texture is pretty freaky.

Level Design -  rating: 4

Um, not alot to it actually. This level only makes it onto the site for it's mildly entertaining premise and the unique texture used on every surface of the level.




Sorry, no screenshots for this level.















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