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This page is a tribute to the awesomeness of ID Software and all that it has done for for the past few decades. to me, they are the epitome of what a gaming company should strive to be and have achieved all there is to achieve - SO FAR







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The problem with starting a page like this was trying to figure out how to go about it. I finally decideD on this format where I would discuss each of the games, beginning with the grandfather of the First Person Shooter - Wolfenstein. This was the original game that began the progression of 3D games that has currently culminated in the epitome of 3D games - Doom 3 (update - Doom 4) Looking at this first screenie now (April 25, 2016), it's amazing how far the games have come.

. Wolfenstein featured the very first 3d effects and by todays standards is an antique but I still enjoy a good game every now and again and even better, it only takes a few hours to design a nice little level to play around with. The editor is similar to working in paint. Contrast that with editing a level in Doom 3. There were actually several different shareware versions to download. The first one, version 1.0 was quickly replaced by version 1.4. There are no stairs or other mechanism of the like in Wolfenstein 3D. Walls have textures but there is nothing in the engine which allows alcoves or anything of that nature so compared to the next step up, Doom, it was like another universe. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the successor (which actually takes place in time BEFORE Wolfenstein), Spear of Destiny. This release was essentially Wolfenstein with some new textures, etc...
I also feel at this point that I should mention the next step in the 3d genre, which is
Blakestone. At the time, ID Software wasn't the giant in the business that it is now and these works were released through Apogee. There are some excellent sites where you can get additional information, user created levels, etc... for all of these. Probably the best of the best would be here: Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D page. You can get a plethora of information on all of these games plus user created levels, history, and more.
Even before Wolfenstein, though, there was Commander Keen:

The Keen series began with the originalCommander Keen which was replaced by Secret of the Oracle. The follow-up to this was Aliens ate my babysitter. Finally, Commander Keen Dreams was released. By this time, of course, there had been many changes to the original game. To get more history on this series, along with cheat codes and a ton more information you can go to
So, after Wolfenstein,
ID Software didn't rest on their laurels. They began work on what would become THE defining game for 3D and First Person Shooters, Doom. Where else would you go to find out about this classic game than right to the horses mouth, right? John Romero's site is filled to the rafters with history about this classic game as well as downloads and information on other games he's worked on. Back to Doom, though. It began with this Alpha version from February 1993 and moved to THIS Alpha version dated in April of 1993. After this there was a Pre-Beta, Alpha version which is dated May of 1993.
Finally, just before final release, there was the
Press Release Version. This version had a date check in it which disabled playability after a certain date. Here is a TSR program written by Lee Killough, which allows you to make the game think it is the right date. According to Romero's site this is how you use the TSR:
To use the TSR, unzip it into the installed directory of a Press Release of Doom, overwriting 3 .BAT files and adding a FAKEDATE.COM file. The .BAT files will then supply the needed password, as well as run FAKEDATE.COM before and after Doom is run, to fake the system's date. The system's date will return to normal when Doom finishes.
The rest, as they say, is history. Doom was released in 1994 with
the Dos version of the game. This link is for the shareware version. After Windows 95 was released, ID software released a Windows 95 version.

Doom was followed by Ultimate Doom, which included another episode on top of the original three called "Thy Flesh Consumed". Made by a variety of mappers, this was an excellent addition to the original game. Unfortunately, there are no shareware versions of Ultimate Doom or it's follow-up, Doom 2. Doom2 featured additional monsters, all new levels and some new weapons as well. It was a very successful successor to the original. Unfortunately, id Software never released a demo of Doom2. Finally, in what was thought to be the end of the Doom series, Team TNT teamed called collectively Final Doom. As we all know, that didn't quite turn out to be the truth as in 2004 ID Software released Doom 3. More on that later. There is quite a story that goes along with that.
The next step for ID Software, which never seems to stop, was
Quake. The Quake engine took ID Software to the next level as it was able to render even more realistic environments and allowed such features as mouse look, strafing, jumping and the ability to render truly three dimensional environments where the player could go over and under objects such as stairs and walkways as well as swim in and under water. It was a considerable leap in ability from the restrictive environment of the Doom series.

Following on the heels of Quake was the extremely successful Quake 2. Eventually, they even released a multiplayer only environment based on the same engine called Quake 3 Arena.
In 2001, ID Software teamed up with Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software to create
Castle Wolfenstein. They also released a demo of the Multiplayer version of Castle Wolfenstein


Naturally, this story wouldn't be complete without mentioning Doom 3. This game caused a rift in the gaming giant that caused Paul Steed to lose his job. Not everyone at ID wanted to do this game but John Carmack is a force that can't be stopped and as is evidenced by the success of the title, it was worth the effort (and the wait). The new engine is like nothing ever seen before. REALISTIC 3D environments with real time shadowing and 64,000 pixels per square inch have created a game that is truly frightening when the player is immersed in the gaming environment.

Aside from these notables, ID Software has also produced some other titles worth mentioning.
Hexen, Hexen 2, and Heretic are definitely notable stallions in the ID Software stable.
Going back to the very beginning though, you can find such forgettables as
Rescue Rover

There was also a sequel to this called Rescue Rover 2 which I haven't been able to find a shareware download for so if you have a copy of the shareware (if it exists) please forward that on to me.
Another notable is
Dangerous Dave, also released in 1991.



This is the SECOND game that ID Software produced Catacomb 3D. Catacomb 3D, according to the ID Software site takes the technology from Hovertank (see below) one step further, immersing you in a tremendous 3d environment.

Finally, there is the very first 3D game ever produced by ID Softerware Hovertank 3D. From ID Software's site:
The first 3D PC game ever! Hovertank 3D debuted the amazing technology that was used to usher in the First Person Shooter genre with Wonfenstein








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