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Author: Hans de Heus

SP doom2

Port: None specified

I used Zdoom


Download Funhouse


Overall - SCORE: 7

An EXCELLENT first map by this author! Keep em coming, my friend. Enjoy all!









This is old school fun, right here. I wouldn't recommend this level for Uber Doomers but for novices this map will be a BITCH and for moderately skilled players it is a good time. There is more than plenty of ammo and health to go around (which is why it won't challenge the really good players) but the battles are pretty cool and you will probably get caught out once or twice at the beginning as you get used to the style of this mapper. I consider myself to be somewhat above moderate but not an Uber Doomer so I am giving a difficulty score based on MY abilities. For more novice players it will probably be a 10. For the really good players it will be more like a 3. I'm giving it a seven. I'm basing this on the fun factor I found here. There are tons of battles, some of them somewhat challenging but easily defeated after one or two tries by good players (such as *ahem, myself). Before I give the difficulty score, I would like to offer to the author some advice... Cut down on the ammo and health and make the player work harder to get through the map. These items should be finely balanced so that the player always feels as if he is on the precipice but not quite teetering over it. It is a fine balance to be struck and the only way to perfect it is to play the map, then play it again, then play it some more. When you've made it so that it is even difficult for yourself, then you probably have it right. So..... 



Playability -  rating: 8

This map isn't very linear. The author takes you on plenty of side trips to keep you busy and uses teleporters well to move you around the map. It is also somewhat extensive so it can't be played in like, five minutes. I think once you've been through it, it would make a great speedrunning map for those who are into that sort of thing and for that reason alone retains some of it's replayability.


Level Design -  rating: 6.5

This is the first map offered for public viewing by this author. He says, actually, that it is his first map. If so, I have to give him kudos. The map has no physical flaws. There are no stupid NOOB mistakes like making doors that rise into nothing and their are no HOM's. Now, onto the bad part. There is a definite lack of detail to this map. It is very reminiscent of early Doom maps in it's structure. If I could offer one piece of advice to the author in his mapping - it would be to add detail to the rooms. Use architecture to his advantage. Because of the lack of detail and architecture, I need to bring the design points down at least three points but the tricks and traps were well laid and structurally the map holds up well. So........



























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