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single player doom 2 pwad, maps 1 - 3







Eric Buck

SP doom2 (maps 1-3)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - Score: 7.5

I really did enjoy the first two maps immensely, perhaps because I too like to design maps that put the player in a tight situation and require more than fire power to extricate oneself. I think for the first two maps you are probably looking around a 9 or thereabouts for an overall score. The last map I would give like a 5 only because there weren't any technical errors in it. so....































Difficulty -  rating: 7     

     Well, I guess that depends on what level you are playing. The first level you are running around much of the time with a pistol and that's it. Eric puts the player in a bunch of tight jams and dark areas. Still, I found the level to be semi-difficult but then again I consider myself to be a very good player. Those with lesser skills may find this first map very difficult on Ultra Violence and may want to start off easier. Of the three levels this is without a doubt the most difficult. As you go into the second level you have a fair amount of ammo and weaponry that you gathered up further on in the first level and it makes getting through the second level much easier than it might otherwise be. By the time the third level rolls around you're stocked up and ready to smack down anything that might get in your way. I spent alot of time simply mowing down badasses with my plasma gun and occasionally with the BFG. In all of the levels I left a fair amount of Health laying around and quite a bit of ammo as well....


Playability -  rating: 7   

     I liked the first level alot as far as this went but if you don't like trying to solve puzzles - in other words, using your noggin, then you won't enjoy the first level or for that matter the second or third. There are lots of switches and hidden stuffage around to keep you looking and hunting for secrets. If you enjoy a map like this then you should enjoy all three although level 3 I believe was just a little too overboard with the hidden stuff. I didn't really like the third map but the first two were a blast and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. They are totally non-linear and require the player to stop and strategize. The third map while in the same vein wasn't as well put together and I spent way too much time trying to solve problems rather than killing stuff - that brings the score down from probably like a 9 to 7.


Level Design -  rating: 7  

    The first two levels had lots of detail with the only problems being misalignments and the author forgetting to unpeg his lower textures so that lifts and doorway walls moved in ways they shouldn't. For instance, the door trak would move up with the door instead of just the door moving up and with lifts and crushing ceilings the texture was being drawn as the object moved which looks really funky. Still, those problems were minor and didn't detract from the gameplay any. The third map is HUGE with a capital H. Very little detail and tons of space combined with way too much ammo and health made for a poor map to play. I could have done without that map altogether. Again, the third map drags down the other two as far as score goes.






















































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