Endgame is a project that was begun by myself (Sematary) and several of the regular forum members from Doom Wad Station. The concept behind this future megawad was to create a complete replacement for Doom2 with maps that were limited to 20 sectors. There were several reasons behind this decision, including the idea that it would keep map creation times to a minimum but would also spur creativity and give enough room for the mappers to work. The first six maps of this project will be available for download shortly, as will screenpics. Everyone seems to be in school so mapping is going somewhat slow at this point but should pick up again shortly. Regardless, there is no big rush and we are hoping to put out a high quality project. There will be a bio page detailing the various authors and such shortly as well. The project is Gzdoom/Zdoom specific but definitely would be recommended for Gzdoom with the dynamic lighting.

A special thanks goes out to Sitters, who is responsible for building this incredibly awesome website for the project!