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Dungeon Doom for Doom3






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Final version of the project 8.2


Version Fix (fixes a bug in 8.1.3)


The Newest version - 8.1 (For vanilla Doom3!)


Download DungeonDoom (version 8.1) here! (for Doom3 ROE)

Dungeon Doom for Doom3, Mac, Linux and Windows flavors (version 8.0)!



 I was a little skeptical at first when I downloaded this. I'm not a fan of Diablo II or any other game like it. I never enjoyed the 2d graphics and I thought the gameplay was kind of boring, to be perfectly honest. This mod has given this genre a new engine and a new life that I thoroughly enjoy. I don't know how you go about changing a game this dramatically but it REALLY works. The levels are excellent. The new gameplay options are excellent and the entire idea just WORKS! If you're a fan of Diablo II, you haven't seen NOTHING yet! This takes that genre of game to the next level, with a bullet! So, just download it and see for yourself.





Dungeon Doom Website

Sadly, I can find no website or current development for this project - updated Feb 8, 2014



























































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