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Ducks doom 2 wad review







Simon Hayle

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: 7

This is worth a single play, but then, mothball it.


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    This is a moderate map. You will get a little bitch slap here and there but itís a map that can definitely be finished without any saves, IF youíre careful. For the battle-worn, there are a few health pick-me-ups to be found throughout the level and a blur artifact. The last half of the level reminded me of Wolfenstein 3D somewhat. But, the ambushes come from head-on and not from lateral angles so you will be prepared for it.


Playability -  rating: 7

    This is a one-time play, I feel. Once you get through it all, thereís really no need of going back to play again, unless you want to find all of the secrets. Replay value is key too, just because you get through unscathed once or twice, doesnít mean that you wonít get an ass kicking later. Many maps are like that, including the original games. This one is okay, but I wouldnít play it again. There are secrets to be found, and lots of fighting to do. But the bulk of the baddies are grouped in single areas and not spread out, so you will see all of them and know exactly where they are. Thatís too predictable, I feel. That goes into level design and Iíll cover that next.


Level Design -  rating: 7

     This level is average at best. There were plenty of texture misalignments. Iím guilty of that myself sometimes, especially if Iím working on a very detailed level. Thatís when I have to be extra careful. The placement of enemies could have been done a little better. They were all grouped in tight areas, which made it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, and it saved ammo. You all know what kind of damage a well-aimed rocket can do in closed areas! There was a rocket launcher in the map, I would have replaced that with a chaingun or widened the areas up and spaced out the action to where one canít bag a whole bunch of baddies at the same time. The attacks were all from the front for the most part, which gives the player too big an advantage. I was able to corral a group of Bulls (demons) in a hallway, and hack away with the chainsaw. Well, Iím not saying that this was a BAD level, Iím just saying that it could have been much better.