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Pekelna vsehochut
aka ADA





Adolf "Gusta" Vojta

Dates: created on April 2003 (v1.0), updated on Dec 2006 (v2.1) by Jive

Version: 2.1

Mode: all modes
Game: Doom1  (e1m1-e3m2)

Requires: GZDOOM port

Reviewer: Jive

Download the file

Here is the v2.1









About the author:

The man comes from the Czech republic, and the whole text file was written in Czech. Same thing for the page of the net where I found it. So, I can't tell you what he said, apart this text:

"You may do whatever you want with this file", and it's exactly what I made.

I found it HERE, on a Czech site made by Kelvin (Martin Milichovsky)
First of all, you have to know that Gusta was used to be known as a Tyson registering demos on the
COMPET-N Database pages on 2002 and 2003.
Which means that he is (was?) a fantastic player, with a very high skill...

What's new?

The pwad is called "ADA2" to avoid an eventual confusion with the original pwad made on 2003 by Adolf Vojta, and it's  Gzdoom specific.

It's using High Resolution for the interpic pictures and the intermission ones, and the transition between maps is scripted, so that the game goes from E1M1 to E3M2 without interruption (15 maps).
There are 3 new textures used for the background of the intermission texts (Jive's creation, like most of the skies).
The picture of the logo "Doom" is also embedded a little bit, and the 2 pictures of the earth, found on the net, were detoured nicely.

The sky used for the first episode (ExMx, apart the blue one for E1M9) comes from Sitters:
The man is from Netherlands and he is a member of the Doomwadstation forum

In order to don't ruin the gameplay intended by Adolf, there is a small script, so that the map E3M1 will let the player entering with the inventory given by default at the beginning of each episodes (just a pistol, and the minimum amount of ammos and life). This script, new feature added to Zdoom version 2.15, was absolutely empty of explanation on the wiki's page, until Grubber and Graf Zahl give the explanations, and how to use it. Previously, it was not documented, and absolutely not understandable. This feature needs to be updated, for the purpose to be more author's friendly... (for example: more flags, like "Use it once")

Other changes made:
Do have a look at this html file

The gameplay

It goes from very easy to hard, and you won't have that much problem to play it and to progress until the end. Made by a Tyson, it could have been VERY hard, thus it's perfectly well balanced, and I can even say that there are too much ammos and life everywhere to push you on your stressed side...

But, it's not that easy, and newbies will have difficulties sometimes.

For example, e3m1 is very hard, and e3m2 is easy, without any boss.

Conclusion: I was very pleased to work on this pwad and to give it a sort of lifting. I hope that you will have the same kind of pleasure with it.

Notes: here are the notes given by me to my own work and the Gusta's one.
As you can see by yourself, I think that it won't remain in the memories for its particular brilliant value. Thus, I think that it's an average pwad for Gzdoom, and there is not a lot on the net...

- Architecture              = 7/10
- Gameplay                  = 8/10
- Use of the Zdoom features = 6/10
- Pleasure to play          = 7/10

- Note global               = 7/10
- Total time                = 6h21


The same texture for the floor and for the ceiling... Amazing!!!















































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