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Filename : Term.wad
Release date : 16/06/13
Author : mrthejoshmon
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : Term.txt
Misc. Author Info : A self proclaimed awful youtube channel.

Description : "Alright soldier, listen up:

There is an army coming from the Mars base, we
still do not know what it wants but we do know
what they are and what they did. This army is
responsible for the slaughter of some of the
UAC's finest! Their first target is the UAC's
cargo base on the recently conquered Luna Base
Bravo, we sent our best men from Alpha to prevent
the takeover but it was inevitable:
Rather than send in the best, they sent in the
many. Before we knew it Alpha was drowning in
targets and despite the advanced gear and
training, Alpha were KIA due to the sheer amount
of hostiles.

This is where you come in, this base is key to
the defense of Earth due to its strategic
location. The enemy knows its importance but
rather than have the best guard it, they just
have hundreds of grunts.

This should be a cake walk if you do it right,
stock up and explore before heading to
administration (marked with an exit sign) as
intel believes that the administration is being
used as a staging area for the invading platoon,
lock and load."

This is an E1M1 map that is like a primitive
slaughter map, but less slaughtery and more
"explore to find ammo to kill everything" kind of
map, it was made for PrBoom but should work in
any limit removing port (I advise no jumping or
looking up and down, it was made for classic













Termination is a single map, E1M1 replacement for Doom / Ultimate Doom, requiring a limit removing port. It's about standard for what you might expect for a first level, but without subsequent levels after this one, it just feels bland and uninspired, even on Ultra-Violence.

Difficulty: 3

There's not a whole lot to say, as far as the difficulty is concerned in Termination. You fight an imp with a pistol. Then you fight a bunch of zombiemen in an open room with crates. Then you fight spectres and sergeants at the same time. Enemies are literally just bunched together, and it doesn't feel like there was a whole lot of thought put into placement. There's plenty of health laying around, and taking on a horde of spectres with a pistol isn't really that challenging with a little fancy footwork.

Weapons are a little hard to come by at first, but once you find the shotgun, you won't find a chaingun, chainsaw, or rocket launcher too far behind it. While it helps against the hordes, it almost feels like it's not really even worth it. I only ever used the chaingun one time in the map, and the rocket launcher doesn't have a lot of ammo laying around for it, not that it's totally needed.

The final battle, I guess you could call it, is basically pitting you against about five or six Barons in a slowly rising pit. It's in a tight area outdoors, as well, so you'll be hard pressed putting them down in tight quarters like that. Or, you could just run to the open exit without even dealing with them. And the point of this was...?

Also, there's a medical station in the middle of the map you can run to when your health is low. It's packed full of medical supplies, not that you'll need them.

Design: 5

It's hard to really decide whether the design for the map is good or bad. Many of the rooms are big empty squares with lots of crates, though there are some nice details in some of them. The computer monitors and trimming at the edge of sectors look really nice, but it doesn't really help to mask the fact that the base is just a bunch of big squares. A little more thought could have been put into the layout of the map, I think, and not so much on the details.

It's worth mentioning that since this is designed for a limit removing port, the author would prefer you not to jump or crouch during the experience, which I gladly complied for this review. Don't worry, there's not a whole lot of running across gaps in this map either.

Playability: 8

Well, it's playable. It doesn't really throw anything game breaking at you or anything. Heck, I didn't even have to save on this map on UV. Aside from that, there's really not much to talk about on this aspect of the review.

Overall (Not An Average): 5

Termination doesn't really give you a lot to write home about. It's short, it has a lot of monsters that go down pretty easy, and it doesn't really challenge you if you're an advanced or expert player. It's not a bad map, but it's not exactly a good one either. I'll let you decide if this map is for you or not.













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