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Advanced engine needed : Any
Title : Temple
Filename :
Release date : 22 Dec 2013
Author : mrthejoshmon
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : temp.txt
Misc. Author Info : #SWAG lol

Description : "This mysterious temple (found upon a mountain
which seems to defy all laws of physics by being
a floating mass of land...) from hell is like no
other, it does not play by the rules of logic or
reason, other dimensions are tearing through the
very walls of this monstrosity.

But they are the least of your concern, the real
issue is that you need to get out of this

This is a MAP22 replacement for Final Doom: TNT
Evilution, it focuses on both exploration and
ammo conservation, my advice is to get the blue
key from the right section of the map and then
head into the left (you will need that key, trust
me you will need it), however what you do first
is optional...

Additional Credits to : Team TNT for making my favorite Doom IWAD and
some of my favorite music in Doom.


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Difficulty:  that's how you do it!!!!


I'm abandoning my old rating system and going to something a little more, um, personal. I used to do a scale of 1 - 10 but I decided to go to a scale that is something like - "can I have by binky to f my life". :-)

this map is definitely not "can I have my binky, nor is it  "f my life". it was more like, holy crap, this is hard, but the author didn't just try to smother me in enemies, leave me without health or ammo and basically ram every monster in the game up my ass. Does that pretty much cover it? i actually discovered the difficulty to be just about right. the author warns you to conserve on ammo. i discovered that I didn't need to conserve quite as much as i thought i would but it was worth my time at the beginning to take the authors advice and head right. i tried going left the first time and i paid dearly - by needing to start over. and no, that time above does not reflect my actual time spent in this map. i'm not giving that away.

anyway, if ound myself up against most of the regular badasses in this one - hellknights, revenants, mancubus, etc... etc...

it was really too tight in most areas for anything larger - except for one, and thankfully I didn't have to face off against a cyberdemon or a spider mastermind or anything like that there.

for some reason i picked up a shit ton of plasma ammo but i never did find the plasma gun, nor did i need it. i did encounter the rocket launcher and i absolutely needed that but i think given the right circumstances, i might even have made it through there with out that weapons as  well. and don't get me wrong. there was not anything easy about this map. it was tough as nails through and through, it was literally just about perfect as on ultra violence for your average doomer (ahem - me). possibly too difficulty for someone with lesser skills and possibly too easy for someone with better skills. on a scale of one to five i give my skills a three, so you figure it out!


Design: very cool


the "story" if you will, takes place in a temple. in this aspect, the author did a very good job of conveying that - except for this one area you enter with the blue key - don't  forget to go right at the beginning and grab that - that is sort of more like a computer lab sort of area. not sure why that would be there in a temple, but, whatever. the rest of the map was very well done. I didn't really get the point of the giant nukage pool except maybe he needed the  space to hold all those damn flying creatures. there was the transport in the middle though, that you needed to get to, so,I guess.... as i said though - very "templish" and very well done. lots of cool little details that really brought the map to life and I appreciated having columns and such which allowed me to deftly block enemy attacks while using said columns and such to spring out  and catch my prey off guard. :-)


Playability: I'd do it again... if i had the time. dammit.


i had actually gotten quite a ways into the map on my first ill fated attempt when i decided i really had to beat this map. so I started over, put my nose to the grindstone and made it happen. as captain picard said - make it so number one!

I'm glad I made the effort. it was well worth it. i'd do it again just to ravage my original map time (no, i'm not telling), plus, it was a hell  of a lot of fun to  play. so there you go. have at it.


Overall: absolutely worth taking your time to play


after everything i've written above, there probably isn't much left to say. it's a well done map. it's difficulty but not insane and it was just plain old fun with a really good old doomish feel to it. go get it and if you decide to do a speedrun or something,  email and let me know the link and i'll link it up.














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