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IT Was a dark and stormy night!

for final doom






Reviewed by:

Blue Paladin


Title : It was a dark and stormy night...
Filename :
Release date : February 21st 2014
Author : mrthejoshmon
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : Wastes.wad, WTP.wad, Inc_V4.wad, Comp.wad,
AIRBSE.wad, Temp.wad, WOOO.wad and Term.wad
Misc. Author Info : Does anybody read this part?

Description : This is a 1 map replacement for MAP14 of Final
Doom: TNT Evilution. This map is intended to be
like a 90's level (with weird scenarios, toilets,
somewhat random themes and easy difficulty)

"It was a dark and stormy night (Without the
storm of course because I cannot make that in the
Doom engine).

You were scouting the distant corners of the
distant planet known as Reaver, the planet is a
massively industrious and heavily mined rocky
wasteland, the owner of the VPR67 mining
corporation (Mistress Vermia, a wicked bitch) own
a mansion on the rocky mess of a planet to
provide close control over its industry.

You picked up a distress call from the mansion,
turns out that a personal mission of Vermia was
to mine through her basement to find the source
of a mysterious droning sound...

What she dug into was a portal to a hostile
haven, her own little slice of hell.

Within minutes, her entire mansion and personnel
were transformed into haunted husks...

Vermia was torn to shreds by her own security but
Reaver brings in the UAC absolute fuck loads of
profit, this must be why they sent scouting, to
find out what happened to their pockets.

Get into that excavation, enter the portal and
then lock it down.

Good luck soldier."

Additional Credits to : The 90's baby!
ID for Doom, Team TNT for Evilution, Codeimp for
Doombuilder and you for playing this shit!


Download itwas











The rather corny title aside, I'd say this is a pretty fun map to run through for lvl 14 of Final Doom TNT.  The action was spread out pretty well, ammo and baddies were balanced good.  The design wasn't unique or was effective at concealing ambushes though.  Angles and textures were clean cut with no bugs.


            Running back and forth flipping switches is always tedious, but a splash of ambushes here and there kept me on my toes.  All-in-all, pretty decent.  I ran through this on Hurt Me Plenty, dying a couple of times.  Nightmare would be moot, considering the mob ambushes in it.


















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