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The Doom64 team at Doom Depot

SP Doom2

requires: Jdoom

Reviewed by:

Master of Puppets



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Difficulty: Rating - 10

This TC is simply not easy. Even on the lowest difficulty setting, I had to struggle to beat this monster. Though the action is slow to start, this game quickly becomes a jaw clenching, muscle stressing, white knuckle fight for survival against new and meaner beasts from hell. For example, Spider Demons now shoot two streams of plasma at you, effectively shredding your health like toilet paper, Pain Elementals also launch double the fun at the player, and the Lost Souls themselves are much more aggressive. And that speaks nothing of the terrors of the new monsters, but Iíll leave that untouched for your surprise. Over all, this TC is frag-fest that will have you occupied for a while.


Playability: Rating - 10
Despite its at times frustrating difficulty, Doom 64 is as addictive as caffeine! For the first week I had this TC, I could not pull myself away from it. One reason for this, I think, is the fact that this conversion is truly total. Nothing of the original Doom remains. All the enemies, weapons, textures, items, and levels are fresh and new. There is nothing to complain about, here. !


Level Design: Rating - 9

The levels in this TC are consistently good. Many use pseudo 3D, such as rooms over rooms, high water, and Ďover and underí bridges. Most maps are purely enjoyable, with well hidden secret areas. In addition to this, there are many areas placed throughout the game that have eye catching architecture, making for a rich feel of professionalism. However, there are elements in a few maps, such as inescapable lava pits, that I really wish werenít there.




































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