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Shamblers Castle for Doom3






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The downloads!!!!


winrar version


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The Team ::
Jason "heXum" McCord
- Map (built & 'script')
- HUD GUI script
- Misc. textures
- Misc. props
- Misc. particles
- Item & weapon balancing

Ryan "Quaker-X" Rutherford
- Weapon implementation and scripts
- Item scripts
- Misc. monster script

Henk "Obi-Wan" Bernhardt
- All custom monster paks
- Many props
- Axe weapon
- Health and ammo models
- Misc. particles














My Review:

Be sure to read the overview which immediately proceeds this....


Well, where to start? This is an awesome map that is designed to bring back the creatures and weapons from original Quake and put them in the Doom3 engine. May I say, first, that they did this admirably. They look even BETTER than the original because now they have the Doom3 engine to REALLY bring them to life.


Ok - on to my review.


Let's start with the music - fast paced, heavy metal - MY kind of music - perfect atmosphere setter for this map which is also fast paced.


It took me an hour to play through this as I had to defeat certain areas before I could move on - pretty much the norm for a map in any game. Not knowing my way around and owing to the fact that this map is fairly dark - even with the brightness settings up, I think I did pretty good. So, it was a good solid play in that it didn't draw it out to the point where I got bored and it wasn't so fast that I went - HUH?


The environment is FABULOUS! I really love what these guys did here. They really put the engine to use and really made me feel as if I was trapped in this castle with all these hellish creatures who didn't want to let me out. It is a beautiful map and well worth the download just to see what can be done with some good Doom3 mapping skillz.


On to the gameplay. Although I got caught out a couple of times, I didn't find this map to be extremely difficult. Some good strafing skillz certainly didn't hurt but there was enough ammo and health around along with the right weapons at the right time to make it so that I really didn't need to strain myself too much to get past any particular area. It was fast paced however and there were plenty of badasses to play with in those dungeons. It could have been more difficult but that may have taken away from some of the enjoyment of it. So, here's my advice:

If you are a low skill player - work on your skills or you're going to get your ass kicked.

If you are a medium skill player (such as myself), you should thoroughly enjoy kicking some ass in this map and possibly getting your ass kicked once or twice as well.

If you are a player with superman skills, you MAY find yourself bored. There really is alot of ammo and health in this and the mapper dropped just the right weapon at just the right time so that you knew something was coming and you knew you would probably be able to find a good use for that particular weapon. I didn't even particularly worry about how much ammo I was chewing up as I took my shotgun and chaingun as my main weapons of choice to chew up the bad guys. The Rocket Launcher DEFINITELY came in handy - especially - well, never mind - I don't want to spoil it for you.


I hope there is more coming for this project because these boys have some mad skillz to show off and there is a definite lack of solid single player maps in the Doom3 and Quake 4 communities.

Have fun and be sure to read further down to see what all the new stuff is in the game...


In game video:





To install:
Simply unzip quakemod.zip to your Doom3 directory and run D3Quake.bat

The mod includes:
One map
(roughly 30 minutes of game play)

5 Quake monsters:
Quake Zombie
Fiend (Demon)
Scragg (Wizard)

Quake weapons:
Super Shotgun
Super Nailgun
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Lightning Gun (not included in the map because of broken sounds. Functionality works. Use "give all" on your second or third play through.


Quad Damage

New weapon sounds
Rockin' background music
New health, pickups and powerups
A custom desktop

For modders:
Many new props, particles and textures


My Review









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