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Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 7

For you Uber Doom3 players and others looking for perfection - just move on. This map isn't for you. For the rest of us - the average Doom3 player just looking to have some fun and willing to ignore the fact that the map lacks any type of architecturally challenging features whatsoever - this map is a good time. The atmosphere really can be frightening - especially with the lights off and the surround sound pounding out the sounds of the Mancubus and the Revenant as they scare the bejesus out of you wondering where they are.








Overview (by the author):

     This is just a scary maze. I wasn't very concerned about the architecture or the amazing visuals
The point of this was to scare the hell out of you and to provide you with a challenge. I
wanted you to use your flashlight. The lighting is very bad
(either dark colours, or not a lot) to give you a scary feel, along with some zombies, demons, and creepy sounds that play through-out the level. It has A LOT of enemies to fight, most of the demons teleport in, and most of the zombies hide around corners. Plenty of weaponry and health/armour to help you along the way. The map is quite cramped most of the time so you'll have a very hard time taking down some of the bigger fights that occur. Also, this is a maze, so there are a few wrong turns, but they often yield something beneficial (whether it's armour, health, ammo, or weapons). Leave no corner unsearched, because I probably hid something there. All-in-all, I tried to give a classic doom feel (except for the extreme darkness), sort of like the map 'Hunter' from final doom or doom 2, I can't remember. Have fun!



    The author placed a fair number of really difficult creatures into this map and for the most part you are working in REALLY tight quarters. Some of the hallways and other areas where you fight are barely large enough to maneuver in at all. So, if you have fighting in tight quarters, you probably won't like this map. Personally, I enjoyed it. I got my ass kicked six ways to Sunday but that was because I difficulty maneuvering. The weapon to do the job was usually at hand, however and there was plenty of ammo. The author didn't make the map incredibly difficulty but he did make it fun and having the sounds of a Revenant or some other creature continuously barraging your brain with the fear that they would pop up at any second and turn you into Doom jello was really disconcerting. At first, it was simply annoying because all I could hear was fattie grumbling away close by but he was hidden behind a wall or something. Of course, his din died off as I advanced into the level - to be replaced by the sounds of Mancubii shaking the floors and walls and Pinkies hiding somewhere just out of sight. It really was kind of freaky.


Playability -  rating: 8

    You could spend HOURS lost in this freakin' map. There are twists and turns at every junction and no clues on what direction you should go in. So pick one and go...

Kill something because there seems to always be something just waiting around the corner, or teleporting in just behind you....


Level Design -  rating: 6

     How do you describe boring and ingenious at the same time? The maze itself is ingenious. The author really has you going around in circles and yet you never seem to run out of bad guys to wallop. In one spot, the BFG really came in handy as I was surrounded by what seemed like at least a dozen creatures or more. The first time I hit the area I hadn't even found the BFG yet so needless to say, I got stomped into the ground like a marshmallow cookie.

     There is nothing special about the architecture. The author absolutely called it when he said - it's just a maze. And it is, but what a fun place to kick some Demon butt in. If you're looking for the exit - well, good luck. If you're looking to have a good time and kill some badasses then you came to the right place.













































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