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Last Hope for Doom 3










Download Last Hope



Extract lasthope.pk4 in /doom3/base folder
type "map lasthope" in the game console and press enter


The HappyFriar


Revility for he's awesome monster addon!



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My review



Right from the get go, I was in trouble. I hadn't played Doom 3 in 7 years (at least) and here I was in an alien map and no weapons on my person. DAMN! So, of course. I got my ass handed to me right off the bat. Once I got acclimated though I played through about 2/3 of the map only to discover that the author hasn't included alot of health in this map. Ok - So I started over, because, well, the map is REALLY GOOD. So I started over, and did better second time around. Somewhere, not too far from the end, I acquired a soul cube. Then I promptly forgot about it. Hell, I didn't even know how to use it ( I know now - hit the Q key). :-)    Good thing to know, if you happen to have one handy. So, on my 2nd trip through, I'm at the end and low on health and getting my ass kicked and THEN I remembered the soul cube. YES! I looked up how to use it and that saved my bacon because the ending was TUFF!! In fact, the entire map is difficult and honestly, I could have made my life alot easier if I had learned how to use that soul cube earlier on. So, knowing what I know now - the map isn't as difficult as I made it out for myself but I'd still give it a solid 6 or 7 on the richter scale.



One of the signs of a good map is that you want to actually finish it. Well - I DEFINTELY wanted to finish this one. It was exciting. Lots going on and a really nice looking map to boot. That's pretty much the short and sweet of it. It was a fun map and now that I've beaten it once, I want to go back and beat it again - especially considering my newly acquired knowledge on the Soul Sphere. :-)    Just for the fact that it was such a well designed battle (and map), this map scores high marks here.





Honestly, I LOVED it. The was a REALLY well designed map. VERY atmospheric. Very tense at times and very eye candyish. It was quite lengthy with many different structural designs throughout and the structure played well in to the hands of the creatures I was battling. The only real flaw I found was in the are in the picture you see to the right where you have to jump over on to those platforms in order to hit a switch. I didn't have a problem with that but it gave me an easy way to hide from the ensuing onslaught that prevented the creatuers, who needed to be on top of you to cause damaged, from getting too close - making it easy to get past them.

Design: 9




I really did enjoy this map. I give it high marks for originality and creativity. It could have been more difficulty, but not much and the soul spehere was nice, but I might have preferred actual health. Not really sure. It would have made the ending more difficulty/challenging, if I didn't have that soul sphere, but considering I didn't use it at all until the end, it was a real lifesaver!



























































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