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Event Horizon for Doom3











Download v 1.2


new models...yes
new textures..yes
new sounds..yes
new cinematics..yes



When I found out about this mod I was like - YES! And I wasn't disappointed. The ship looks fantastic. Actually, all the maps look fantastic. It took me about 2 hours to play through the whole thing and it was well worth the effort. Again, with this author, the ambience is fantastic as is the level design and gameplay.







My review

     The game starts off slow, with the entire first map devoid of enemies, mostly so you can gather weapons and ammo and complete the first "mission". Once you find the secret code near the captains chair that allows you to move on in the game, things begin to heat up quickly. On the Event Horizon you will face a variety of creatures and will be tested more than once when multiple creatures materialize in front of you and behind you. This can be challenging and really gave the map a shot in the arm difficulty wise. I was a little disappointed in the gameplay at the very end though as I expected it to be more difficult but that could simply be my superior gaming skills. ;-)

    As for atmosphere, ambience, lighting, map design - all of that was top notch. There is alot of custom work put into this. The cut scenes were beautiful as was the texture work and pretty  much everything else in this 6 level mod. I think it was 6 - it could have been seven. Hard to say. Essentially, what I'm telling you is that you will enjoy this - the atmosphere is tremendous and the gameplay is pretty good.



From the Author:

First I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for downloading my EHmod for D3 //
// After having D3 sitting on the shelf for a year I decided to give the editor one more //
// try. I'm certainly glad I did and am happy to bring you my first mod for D3, and one //
// of my bigger projects I've put together in a long time. //
// At first when I built this scenario for avp it was quite interesting, //
// now however with a fuller set of tools and a better rendering //
// platform for this mod, I am pleased to present you with my newest incarnation of my //
// Event Horizon game level scenario for Doom 3.

This mod is based on the classic movie of the same name
and all rights are reserved by their respectful owners.
everything in this mod has been created and recreated soley by me.

Hope you like it.


scythewraith - at - hotmail.com





























































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