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Evacuation Protocol

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The Story
Eight long weeks on the field... That's what they call Site1 these days. Everyone in the facility needs something to hang onto. For you it was the thought that you would actually return for some R&R after four weeks overtime. It's a long way from Marscity, let alone Earth, but it's a start.
You return to flickering lights, bad attitudes & a busted heating system. Home sweet home, except something didn't quite feel right. It was colder than usual, & there was a strange feel to the air. You shrugged this off with a nice warm shower before hitting the sack, it was just the lingering feeling of those god forsaken tunnels.
Finally asleep, your dreams weren't about the usual scantily clad women on the beaches of Earth. All you could see was death, everyone around you was dead. The screams of your fallen comrades filled your head. These dreams seemed so real. That unnatural feeling so strong, something was different.

Suddenly, you awake. It wasn't a dream.




My Review:
   In the included text file the author states that the mod he created supports all three user difficulty levels. If you don't know how to set up the difficulty levels, here's how: Start the game normally on the difficulty level you want to play and then load the map afterwards. Ok, that said, here goes:

    These are REALLY hard maps. I normally play my maps on Veteran. I played all the way through Doom3 on veteran and while it was challenging, I didn't find it all THAT difficult. Throw your preconceived notions out the window. I had to play this on Recruit. I tried the two higher difficulty levels but facing two zombies without a weapon and trapped in a small room with just a flashlight just wasn't working for me (and that was only the first encounter!).  So I went to recruit. FINALLY, a goddam pistol. EXCELLENT! Well, I can definitively state that even on recruit, this was more difficult than the original game on Veteran. Keep that in mind!

    Ok, the maps (levels, areas, whatever) are very well done. They are highly detailed with lots of ambience thrown in in the form of disembodied wailing and moaning and such and the occasional cheap (but still effective) grate blowing out suddenly. Things like that. Yes, that trick STILL makes me jump. The fact that I'm playing with my computer hooked to my surround sound might have something to do with that. ;-)

There is ALOT of area to cover here, so you will be busy for quite some time (I would set aside hours - and save slots).

    It is generally extremely dark and the flashlight is indispensable. The fighting also generally takes place in small, cramped areas and the author conveniently leaves the player no route of escape or egress so that he can have a chance to back off and try and catch the badasses off guard. That is what you are up against. It is HARD, it is fun and it is cramped! It is time to discover the Evacuation Protocol!





















































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