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Okay, it's time to resume everything about "screenshots"

  1. Use of the console:
    In Legacy you take a screen by typing "screenshot" in the console(without the quotes, of course).
    BUT that would show the console onyour screen so you do this instead:
    type "bind s screenshot" in the console.
    The "s" key will now take screens for you whenever you push it. You can use any other key of course.
  2. screenshotdir:
    A new cvar "-screenshotdir" has been added in Legacy 1.42 Birthdayversion, and you can write it within the "config.cfg" file, or in theconsole:
    -screenshotdir "Vile" will give "Vile####.tga" screenshots (yes, you can have more than 999 screenshots now... LOL :-D )
    BUT: you must create the said repertory BEFORE playing, otherwise no screenshot will be created.
    You have this command accessible under the console as well, which letsyou change it (don't use quotes under the console, but only within the"config.cfg" file).
    The use of the point instead of the name ( ".") will save the screenshots within the current repertory.
    Be warned that, in case of the use of an addon, let say "Wads1or2.wad",you'll have "Wads1or2####.tga" saved within your "name of therepertory"!!!
  3. binded keys:
    You could use the powerful file "autoexec.cfg", which is alreadyprepared to let you take very specific screenshots automatically(classical, without any information and player sprite, and also withthe view at the third person).
    Here is the code I created a long time ago:
    //// If you want to make a screenshot easily while in the game:
    //// Jive's tip for screenshots without informations, crosshair and player sprite
    //// Be careful: informations coming from the console are still displayed
    //// To have them out of the screen, press firstly 2 times the key for the console.
    alias crosshair_off "crosshair 0"
    alias crosshair_on "crosshair 3"
    alias bestshots "set_bestshots; sprites_off; wait 1; viewsize 12; wait 1; crosshair_off; wait 3; screenshot; crosshair_on; wait 1; sprites_on; wait1; viewsize 11"
    alias set_bestshots "bind * bestshots"
    bind o bestshots //// screenshot without informations using the key "o"

    //// If you want all informations on your screenshots:
    bind s screenshot //// Choose your key (here: "s")

    //// DarkWolf tip - Autoexec setup by Jive
    alias DF "DarkWolf; chasecam 1; wait 1; cam_speed 0; wait 1; noclip; wait 1"
    alias DarkWolf "bind * DF"
    bind c DF //// Choose your key (here, it's "c", for "chasecam")
    //// Once done, you have to move where you want to be.
    //// Then, when correctly placed, you can take the screenshot:
    alias DFS "DF_Screenshot; screenshot; wait 1; chasecam 0; wait 1; noclip; wait 1"
    alias DF_Screenshot "bind * DFS"
    //// Once done, screen's settings will be the same than before the screenshot
    bind d DFS //// Choose your key (here: "d", for "Darkwolf")
  4. External program:
    The use of such a program works fine, but, when you have already abunch of other programs running in the background, it's not a goodthing to add another one, when you don't really need it...
  5. Use of the key "PrntScr":
    With such a method, you'll only have the last screenshot, and nothing else.
    Plus, a part of the memory is now filled with 2 megs of saved valuesfor nothing! When you know that some maps don't work properly if youdon't have defined "-mb64" (you reserved 64 Megs of memory for thegame)...
    Pretty everyone has already a desk with a 2 megs picture, which meansthat the memory is already decreasing of 2 free megs before playing!
    Here is the value given by "memfree", while playing Vile Flesh, Map21: 80 megs.
    Yes: for a system with 512 Megs of memory, I have only 80 free megs.
    It's enough to decide to don't have an external software for the screenshots, and to don't use PrntScr.

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