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Death Factory






Gus Baumgartner

SP/DM/Coop doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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The authors website


Overall - SCORE: 9.7

You won't be bored. I can promise you that! Also, this is only the first map in what the author says is going to be a megawad. I can't wait!











    Don't let the beginning of this huge ass map fool you. It starts off slow with only a few interspersed baddies like imps and sergeants and such. Believe me, it doesn't last long. In fact, you will see so many monsters in this one that your goal should be to avoid them, dodge them, and allow them to infight because there is no way in hell you are going to have enough ammo to kill them all. This map is a battle that seems to never end and the map is absolutely humungous so you could really be in this thing for a very long time.


Playability -  rating: 10

    I think the only possible way to defeat this map is to play it over (and over, and over) because you ARE going to find yourself trying to find new ways to defeat this thing.


Level Design -  rating: 9

     The map is actually very well designed but lacks in newer architectural design. Regardless, there is a fair amount of detail here - at least enough to keep it interesting and the map is extremely large.








































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