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Demon Aquarium






Author: Stephen Whittaker

SP doom2

No Specific Port


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Overall - SCORE: 9.9

It's a decent map. I do recommend it but there are the issues noted above. If you can get past those, you will enjoy playing this map.









This wad is a simple open area wad with some small suprises. One of the key features of this wad is the Cyber-Demon at the center of the level, a small annoyance to some, an instant death to others.
My personal Opinion- Not my best work, but worth the time if you have the urge to kill some demons with limited time. I would suggest maybe a quick save here and there, i promise you will get caught by a Cyber-Demon rocket if your not careful.

Now my thoughts: The author is FULL OF IT. The Cyberdemon at the center of the map is the LEAST of your worries. He is fairly easily dispatched once you get the right weaponry and is hardly worthy of your concern. What you SHOULD be worried about is the hundreds(easily) of other badasses that make an appearance in this map, especially the two Arch Viles who are determined to bring all of those creatures back to life!


DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating:  10

This could well be one of the most difficult maps I've ever completed. With every step in this map where you make some REAL progress, you can expect to be fighting tooth and nail for your very survival in the game. The two Arch Viles don't make things any easier, nor do the literally dozens of Revenants and Hellknights. You will need your wits to complete this map and you can expect to die frequently so use those save slots! You will also find yourself short on ammo after awhile and again, must use your wits (and the creatures themselves) to survive. The one thing that made this map possible was that the author (perhaps unintentionally) didn't make the lava deadly. Thank goodness. If he had, this map would be nigh on impossible and would have gotten a lesser score. Good luck with this one.


Playability -  rating: 10

Where to start? The map seems innocuous enough at first and quickly delves into insanity. I could play this one again and again and still probably have just as difficult a time with it. I'd probably change my strategy some, knowing how things play out and where the creatures are hiding but I'd still have a difficult time. This little number, which the author doesn't give himself enough credit for, has replayability all over it and the way it goes together is fantastic. Honestly, I couldn't stop playing. I HAD to get to the end of the map and I was bound and determined to keep going until I did.


Level Design -  rating: 9

Probably the weakest of the three areas that I judge a map on, this one was still strong. The map is not physically large but there is ALOT behind the scenes that presents itself as the map progresses. At first, I was like, all this marble texture, yuck. But, it got better and the marble texture actually makes sense in this map, even with the amount that the author used. If he thinks this isn't one of his best maps, I can't wait to see some of his GOOD ones!





A rather quiet (and misleading) beginning


Trying to hide from the Cyberdemon until I get something to kill him with


I REALLY hate this guy! The first of TWO Arch Viles!


Fortunately, I found an invisibility powerup and had enough ammo to kill him!


I think you could reasonably assert at this point that I was in some DEEP doo doo without a paddle


Trying to wait out the monsters as they cannibalized each other!


FINALLY! The end is near. And not too soon, let me tell you!







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