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City in Chaos

single player doom 2 wad






Alex Busby

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download the file


Overall - SCORE: 9

This is a moderately large level with little to no puzzles. It’s very straightforward and non linear. There are secret areas and nicely set traps. This is a good traditional Doom level. Download it and see for yourself!











     CIC was testing, offering small amounts of ammo to help deal with a bevy of baddies. There was plenty of wide-open spaces to battle in which evened the score, but expect to get your ass whipped in serious fashion! This level was no too hard to the point of quitting, but it will have you giving Alex a few choice nicknames… Health was sparse at best, and there were plenty of traps for the player. I had a ball!


Playability -  rating: 10     

     There were no bugs in the game play, and the action stayed heavy, even though the level itself was pretty large. The trick to large levels is to keep the player engaged throughout the entire time, with a little break here and there, without letting him/her get bored. Alex pulled that off pretty well, I feel. At one point, I ran out of ammo during a very nasty ambush, couldn’t find anymore, and caught myself saying to Alex, “You shit-crazy som bitch!!!” But it was all good fun and it played smoothly.


Level Design -  rating: 8

     Alex did admit that there were some visiplane errors… in other word, HOMs. But, they did NOT interrupt gameplay at all. It would help to not stare at the HOM areas or you just might get hypnotized into thinking that you’re Batman or something! Still, it was pretty smooth in spite of the HOMs, and the action was great. The level overall was stock, I feel, no innovative designing, BUT, there was this really cool fire texture that really set off some sectors. I had the feeling of being inside a towering inferno (somebody go get Steve McQueen)!!!



































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