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Caribean for doom2






Author: Aluqah

SP doom2

Port: Any sourceport


Download Caribean


Overall - SCORE: 10

I don't have anything bad to say about this map, with the exception (perhaps) that getting to the keys is a pain in the a**. You should truly enjoy this map.








You are on a monster infested Island in the Caribbean. Try not to go for a swim.


DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating:  10

Not too difficult, and not too easy, the author has a fine sense of balance when it comes to ammo/health/creatures, etc... To say that I was occupied would be an understatement but the author didn't leave me in such a bad spot that I couldn't fight my way through anything I came up against. I DID use up quite a few save slots though, so keep that in mind - because more than likely you will need them.


Playability -  rating: 10

Aside from the very interesting battles which the author brings to bear, there is also some excellent architecture. I played this for quite some time and would gladly do it again.

Level Design -  rating: 10

It's always nice to receive a map for review that not only offers me some excellent battle time but also impresses me with it's design. This is definitely one of those maps. I've already rejected two maps today for various reasons so it was wonderful to come across a well crafted map such as this. Enjoy!






















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