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Carcass Deathmatch and Carcass

(single player edition) by WarLord from the LeechPit






Author(s): Warlord from the Leechpit

SP doom2 (maps 1)

requires: Zdoom or Jdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


Download the DM version here

Download the SPE version here
















For very experienced doomers you may find this level a bit easy. For those with moderate skills and lower you will probably find it challenging. For newbies, you will be working your ass off. Good luck to all!


This wad was specifically created for level 7 because of the special in it that requires you to kill all the mancubuii before a certain action occurs. In this case, it is to get the red key. The pillar the key sits on will not drop till you have wasted all those nasty beasts. You are going to have your hands full because the author didn't provide you with an overabundance of ammunition or weaponry but if you're a decent Doom2 player you should be able to get through without a tremendous amount of difficulty. I found having the Mancubus creatures in the level was a good way for me to work on my strafing skills for deathmatch.
The level flows together well and is fun to play. What more can you ask for?

I really don't have any complaints about this level at all. It is perfect, I think for deathmatch because of its size and because of the dark areas the players have to hide in as well as the lack of anything heavier than a rocket launcher which isn't really for use in cramped spaces so it keeps the game honest on that front. The design itself is relatively simple and to the point but challenging enough to keep it interesting. A bit more detail would have been nice but overall it was very well done.


I found this to be a fun level with enough challenge to keep me busy for awhile. I also discovered that it plays equally as well in Zdoom and Legacy as it does in Jdoom which is a good thing for those whose machines can't handle the requirements of Jdoom. I think you'll enjoy playing this. :-)

This wad was originally sent to me as a deathmatch level which at the time I could only judge on looks because I hadn't been deathmatching. Now I am so if anybody wants to deathmatch this one with me - give me a holler. The author states the level was specifically created for Jdoom but I discovered that it works equally as well with Zdoom (which means it should be playable on icq or zdaemon. So again, if you want to play it against me - give me a holler. After my review of the dm level the author created the single player edition which is what I will be reviewing here. Check out both of them. :-)
















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