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Cold As Hell






Jon Washburn

SP doom2 (maps 1-16 + 31)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 9.3

Add this to your collection! With the new graphics, weapons, etc... this is simply a killer conversion. I especially enjoy seeing and hearing the spent ammo cases land on the floor. That one little thing seems to add an amount of depth that you won't see in too many games, anywhere







     You are Gunnery Sergeant Henry Mills. You entered the United States Marine Corps in 1936, going through training at
the famous Parris Island Recruit Depot. You fought extensively in the Pacific Theater during World War II, distinguishing
yourself numerous times in the midst of heated combat against the Japanese forces. It is now 1954, and you've put 18 years
into your beloved Corps. Right now, you're looking at one last tour and then a nice retirement and a government pension.
You wanted something nice and quiet for your last tour, so you requested a transfer to Station 46-A, a weapons
research facility in Greenland. The Corps assigned you to head up the detachment of Marines stationed there to provide
security for the weapons research at the facility. Although there has been talk of a Soviet move on the facility, you've
dismissed this as just a bunch of paranoid talk. As far as you're concerned, this is going to be an easy, quiet way to
finish out your career as a Marine...



    Basing this on what I've seen so far, this is insanely difficult - perhaps TOO difficult on UV. If you are not an uber doomer I would consider a lower difficulty setting. Regardless, you won't be bored (I can promise you that).


Playability -  rating: 9

    It's almost like a whole new game in some respects and, like Doom and Doom2, will be something you'll want to retain for future gaming.


Level Design -  rating: 10

     Beautiful work - nuff said!








































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