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Oh yes! There WILL be blood!





Author(s): Cobalt and Butcher

SP, coop and DM doom2 (maps 1 - 32)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


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The Zdoom version



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Bloodpak and Zbloodpak (the zdoom port of this mod) are 32 levels of total conversion designing madness. The authors changed quite a bit about the game including the status bar, the weapons, many of the creatures, new textures, etc... The shotgun reloads and spent shells clink to the floor. There is real attention to detail here in the graphics portion but I think they could have put more work into the actual map designs - more about that in a moment. The Bloodpak version should work with pretty much any port. Zbloodpack needs the newest version of Zdoom.


Difficulty: 8
The beginning maps are easy with a capital E. I really wasn't challenged much at all and there was more than enough health/ammo/etc... to see me through even the toughest of battles. It DOES get more difficult as you get further into the game. Of course, the original game doesn't really challenge me much at first either so I don't hold that against the authors. This isn't to say that there aren't plenty of badasses to kill - there are, they just are placed in such a way (especially in the first couple of levels or so) as to not be much of a challenge. Always nice seeing a hole open up in a shotgun victim though, isn't it?


Playability: 7
While I didn't find the maps boring, they were somewhat easy to figure out and linear in their design. This alone takes away alot of the playability factor for me. Another thing which brings it down is predictability of attack and ease/difficulty with which you can deal with the monsters. I would call this a once and done but I haven't finished it yet so I'll leave that to you, the faithful player to decide.

Design: 8
This was a really difficult position for me to stake out. On the one hand, the architecture wasn't spectacular or anything but on the other, they did some great stuff graphically with sprites and textures and such. There are certain areas where you go - niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Then there are others where you go - meh, it's ok. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here that the majority of players will find the eye candy fairly interesting despite the lack of architectural design.

Overall: about 7.8
Is this the greatest 32 map total conversion you'll ever play? Probably not. It is far from the worst and is a worthy effort in my estimation. I think that most Doomers except for the truly jaded will enjoy playing through these maps and checking out the new weapons/creatures, etc...
















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