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Blind Alley U., "Deja Vu"

single player doom 2 wad







Gene Bird

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 7.7

I enjoyed myself in the map and feel it was a worthwhile download and worth playing. Take everything into account that I mentioned above and make your own choice.













    For most of the map I didn't feel truly challenged but as I got closer to the end it became more difficult. There were tons of Hellknights and Archviles and Mancubii and the rest of the managerie in here but with a bit of strafing they mostly didn't pose much of a problem. I did find myself actually out of ammunition at points mostly because the author says there is plenty in there (and there is) so I saddled up my Super Shotgun and went to town which, of course, used up ungodly ammounts of ammo. By the time I realized that I should save some and let the monsters do the talking it was too late and I was low on ammo for the rest of the mission. So, word of advice - hold back a little. Even with the shortage of ammo ,and at times (due to my run in and hit em hard style) shortage of health, I was able to finish the map pretty handily. Strafing was integral to defeating this map because without it I may not have been able to dodge alot of what I did and of course, if you are any good at all with strafing, you know most of these creatures don't pose a real threat as long as there is a little space between you and them. I think for the average doomer on ultraviolence you will find yourself challenged but able to get through. For players with better skills you may find yourself wanting fast monsters. For those of you who feel you have lesser skills you may want to consider a lower skill level. Overall it was a good solid fight all the way through.


Playability -  rating: 8  

    This map is pretty straight forward and linear. I never really had any problem figuring out what I needed to do next or what a certain switch was going to do. There were some surprises thrown at me which is why I save often but there were only a couple parts in the map where I really needed to start a saved game to extricate myself from certain death. If you like your maps to be easy to navigate (relatively speaking) and fairly straight forward then you will enjoy this map. If you like a map with some hidden design and a little need to do some searching to find an answer then you might still enjoy the map but you're not going to find that type of map here. I enjoyed playing it which is the ultimate barometer of whether the playability is good or not so it gets a good score.


Level Design -  rating: 7

     Once again - pretty straight forward. I think the author may have left it open for the player to do things in the map he may not have intended because of the ability to jump. Instead of using the lift provided, for instance, the player could simply jump through a window to that part of the map. I'm not saying thats a good idea but its possible. It also means that if you are playing with Doom2 without a port, you may not be able to access certain areas but since I didn't, I really can't say. Who uses the vanilla exe any longer anyway? The design was solid with lots of different geography to experience. Some of it was downright brilliant and some of it was pretty basic with supports and such providing much of the detail. I have no complaints about the detail or the level design. I think its pretty mid-level as far as detail goes and about the same as far as level design difficulty goes. The map itself never really was a factor in the difficulty but I think could have been if the author had made the nukage areas dangerous to the player and had provided the necessary equipment for navigating through those areas, thereby creating a challenge of its own. Soooooooooooooooo, um




































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