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Aztec666 for Doom 2






Hans de Heus

SP doom2 (map 1)

has coop starts

no deathmatch starts

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


Download the file


Overall - SCORE: 6.9

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad map and could actually be considerably better if the author allowed the player to choose a direction once in awhile and sprung some unexpected traps on him here and there. Still, I think the average doomer will enjoy this map.






     Apparently you are in some sort of Aztec temple. The author provided no story line so basically it is like most Doom2 maps - kill a bunch of badasses and find the exit.



    I got caught out a couple of times but for the most part I found the battles to be fairly predictable and I always had time to choose the weapon I needed to get the job done. There was, in my opinion, an overabundance of health. I think the author could have taken some of it out without causing the player any undue problems. My first time into the map I got caught out fairly early by a baron and naturally, I spent the rest of my time fairly low on health because he took it all. My second time through I didn't have any problems with health and there always seemed to be enough ammo for the most part. Not that there was too much - there wasn't. I thought the ammunition amounts were pretty fair for the map. I did get caught out again eventually though but I was almost through the end of the map by that point and it too two Mancubus' to do the job. I don't think seasoned veterans will have too much difficulty with this one but I'd use a couple save slots just in case. n00bs and other players will probably be fairly challenged. If you're a doom god, don't waste your time unless you use nightmare. You'll be bored.


Playability -  rating: 7

    This is pretty much a once and done map. With fairly predictable attacks and a layout that doesn't offer alot of surprises, you won't need to play it again. It is fairly linear, with the player needing to access certain switches to move through the level. There are no tangents that the player can embark upon because the layout doesn't allow it.


Level Design -  rating: 7

     The map itself is fairly solid. I didn't see any HOM's or other stupid bugs in the map. As far as actual design, it is a pretty nice looking map with some decent detail but the author didn't go to any lengths to create any lighting effects or special architecture. It actually has a kind of retro feel to the whole thing. Switches are used to exhaustion to advance in the level. Also, the author didn't (in my opinion) take advantage of the design by setting up any decent ambushes. For instance, when you hit a switch, you EXPECT to get attacked. I was ready for it but the author only did that once or twice. Some hidden walls with a couple of badasses in waiting would have added some depth to the level design and bumped up the difficulty rating as well








































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