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Abandoned UAC Complex







Adam Mason

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download AUAC


Overall - SCORE: 6.5

If Adam reads this, I hope he takes notes on some of the stuff I've mentioned. Overall, this isn't a bad effort and far better than some of the crap you can download from 3darchives. That's why I'm posting it here for you to download. I don't review garbage so you can rest assured that this map is well done. As I said, next effort - trim down the ammo/health. I'd also recommend fewer but better positioned creatures and I would also recommend using monster transporters to keep the player on his toes. It wouldn't hurt to throw in some surprise lighting changes in conjunction with so fast doors to catch the player out. I think if the experienced players throw this puppy into nightmare and everyone else plays UV, then all should be satisfied with the difficulty level and you can take some time perhaps to enjoy the wonderful design.







     To put it succinctly, if you are an experienced doomer, put this thing on NIGHTMARE or you will be relatively bored relatively quickly. Most of the battles were predictable and the player has MORE than enough health, ammo and armor to get him through even the most difficult battles. I think that is probably keeps the difficulty in this map from really getting there. I would recommend to Adam that his next map be tighter in those areas. The average doomer might find himself/herself challenged by the middle of the map. This one begins really slow in the battles department and gets progressively more difficult. For the experienced doomer, you won't find yourself challenged till the very end of this map. That's why I recommend using Nightmare. Personally, as a designer, I keep playing the map and tweaking health/ammo until I find MYSELF challenged. Then I know it is difficult but not so difficult that nobody will finish.   


Playability -  rating: 6

     This map has once and done written all over it. The gameplay doesn't really lend itself to being something memorable and the map is very linear in it's design.


Level Design -  rating: 8

     Unquestionably, this is the standout part of this map. If it weren't for the excellent design I might not have reviewed this map at all but this is definitely it's most redeeming quality. Adam has a good flair for architecture and it really shows in this map. There were a couple of spots that were truly awe inspiring. For the most part though the map was simply solid. Nothing too showy but definitely better than your average fare. This map is lengthy as well so you'll be in it for awhile. The only downside to the design was the rather straight forward approach. There weren't any diversions which would lead you in a wrong direction or anything of that sort. It was pretty much a straight forward walk through from beginning to end.



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