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Alien 3, The Last Challenge







Alberto Sposito

SP doom2 (maps 1)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 8

I highly recommend this download. I think it is virtually guaranteed that you will spend some quality time in front of your Doom 2 game and that you will have a good time while doing it. Don't think this is a quick play though - set aside some time (you're going to need it). You will also probably need a fair amount of saves because you will die occasionally by a sneak attack that you simply didn't see coming.


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If you are a DoOm god you are not likely to be highly challenged here. I am NOT a DoOm god but I'm not bad. I found it challenging enough, especially after I got caught our early and had to wander the decks of this alien ship with shit for health. The battles really weren't all that difficult once I got my wits about me but they weren't predictable (all the time) either. I got caught out a few times and in some spots I DEFINITELY should have been more cautious. Either way, most of the baddies I crossed were Imps, sargeants, etc... (I haven't even finished the first map though so take that with a grain of salt). I would say for your average, seasoned doomer, that this will present you with a moderate challenge. Just remember to peak around those corners.


Playability -  rating: 9

As I said above, I am still mired in the first of four maps. It is HUGE! Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), you will probably not mind playing this again in the future. In the first place, this map takes forever to play (and it's only the first one). There are still three more to go. Secondly, it's totally not boring and I bet on NIGHTMARE that it would be an absolute blast (I'll have to attempt that).


Level Design -  rating: 8

At first, I wasn't really impressed. I didn't see alot in the way of cool architecture or anything but as the first map went on I began to appreciate alot of the stuff this author had done. This map must have taken forever! The lighting, especially, is noteworthy, as are some of the custom textures. I also enjoyed the fact that it is TOTALLY not linear. I do wish the author had considered some hidden doors with baddies behind them for when you have to return through an area but that is simply personal preference. I always like to make a player PAY for having to return to a part of the map. :-)