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Acid Plant for Doom2







David J. Finnamore


















This is one of the toughest plays you'll ever have. There are creatures coming from all directions all the time but they are not just placed for show. They do serve a purpose. Aside from the multiple Barons of Hell, Cacodemons and the usual array of monsters you'll have to deal with you will also come to a room with a Cyberdemon which allows no hope of escape unless you can outwit the creature. Killing him is a near impossibility as you have no place to hide to sniper fire at him. So, you will have to use your head and outwit the creature. Tip: There is a shootable switch in the room which will give you space for temporary escape while you activate another switch will allow you escape from the Cyberdemon but you must deal with several other creatures, including a revenant. Once you have snuck by the Cyberdemon back to a safer place you will be challenged to discover the hidden room where the red key resides. This key is in essence, the key to the level. I felt incredibly challenged as well as frustrated at times as I wondered at why I was holding a yellow key but needed to get through a door that required a blue key. Once the red key is revealed however everything else falls into place. You will have to deal with the Cyberdemon in that room more than once to escape the Hell that David has created for you.

rating: 10





This wad all meshes together as you deal with a plethora of switches, hidden rooms, lifts and much more. Some switches are normal while others must be activated with a weapon. All in all the level goes together very well. Stay out of the Acid vats.






Acid Plant is a beautifully crafted piece of art that leads you through the mind of a designer who must love puzzles and mazes as a hobby. You will be challenged in every manner as a player as you try to unlock the secrets to this Hellish wad. You will probably also be frustrated as you search for the key to unlock its secrets. As the author states in his text file - save often. Keep your eyes open for anything that may offer a clue to where you need to go next and be prepared to fight! The sheer intricacy of this level will leave you wishing for more and makes most of the levels you've played seem childlike and simplistic in contrast.

Design: 10





I have said this before when playing a particularly well crafted level - you won't find many better. This one in particular will be difficult to surpass on any level. The intricacy of the level is just frustrating enough to make you want to find the secret and complete the level while the difficulty is not so intense that it makes you want to give up in disgust but instead, again, makes you want to defeat the creatures of hell in your quest to move on to the next level. This level may very well have earned the best score I have ever given to a user created nightmare. One more note: There is another level in the zip file called Dormwad. If it is anything near as good as Acid Plant then you are in for a treat.

Overall: 9.8






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