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Sector 78 DM






Steven Whittaker

DM (map 1 - 7)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Acyclitor


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Overall: 6

Overall itís what you could expect from a decent newer author, not great but not atrocious, and worth checking out on the basis that the mapper could use feedback to improve future products.








    Not sure exactly how to determine difficulty for a deathmatch wad, but I figure this set of levels gets a neutral 5. Powerful weapons, plenty of ammo, and easily captured soul spheres and mega spheres mean itís very easy for both your and your opponents to rack up kills faster than you would have thought possible. Youíll be slaying enemies like crazy just as often as youíll be getting spawn-killed over and over and over.


Playability -  rating: 6

    I really feel this set of maps fails to deliver a fulfilling DM experience. Powerful weapons such as the BFG and plasma rifle are often times laying in the open, with little or no challenge to obtaining them. Soul spheres and mega sphere abound so you are never far from a full recover if you manage to survive the lighting assault that is sure to come if you are unlucky enough to reach the ever-present BFG second. The levels are cramped and canít really hold more than 3 players, although 2 players seem ideal. However, on the bright side, if the players avoided the large weapons, all of these maps could provide entertaining shotgun battles. I played these maps for about 20 minuets with a friend, and we both found it much more enjoyable when we both stuck to the hitscan weapons. Unfortunately, I donít foresee that happening much during casual play among strangers.


Level Design -  rating: 7

     The detail on each level seems solid, with good amounts of detail throughout and a few key areas boosted above the rest. Lighting is done well and stands out the most. There are a few areas where misaligned textures are noticeable, and at least one texture sticks out like a sore thumb. Although cramped, the levels flow easily enough when not over-populated. The few real secrets are easily pointed out, and as mention before, power-ups are easily gotten. My only big gripe here is the lack of diversity. With the exception of map05, each map looks very much like the last: episode 1 style tech with plenty of shawn and star textures used.









































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